The title is a drawing #1




1. How to create a theory for a practice that doesn’t want rules. How to not be ideological. How to develop anarchy in practice and thoughts simultaneously. How to not create a system. How to allow a theory where it is possible for that theory to sabotage itself.
2. Avoiding master/slave, leader/ follower situations, whatever the leader is. Leader could be emotions/ the ego/ the brain/ judgment. The way out can have sometimes be to do with play. Or with finding the third entrance. Or the third entrance is play.
3. From allowing chaos, a form of order is built organically.
4. Go for desires. Go for what feels good. No obligation to enter uncomfortable things for no reason.
5. Start from different perspectives, not having a center point. Search for/ or accept external unexpected or expected inputs.
6. Stay independent.
concept and performance: Clara Saito
with: Eva Kijlstra/Deniz Buga/Teun Doekes
thanks to: Jan Ritsema/Katerina Bakatsaki
March 2014


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