the King shedding

I am not he, nor master, nor lord,
No crown to wear, no cross to bear in stations.
I am not he, nor shall be, warlord of nations.
These heroes have run before me,
Now dead upon the flesh piles, see?
Waiting for their promised resurrection, there is none.
Nothing but the marker, crown or cross, in stone upon these graves
Promise of the ribbon was all it took,
Where only the strap would leave it’s mark upon these slaves.
What flag to thrust into this flesh
Rag, bandage, mop in their flowing death.
Taken aside, they were pointed a way, for god, queen and country,
Now in silence they lie.
They ran beside these masters, children of sorrow,
As slaves to that trilogy they had no future.
They believed in democracy, freedom of speech,
Yet dead on the flesh piles
I hear no breath, I hear no hope, no whisper of faith
From those who have died for some others’ privilege.
Out from your palaces, princes and queens,
Out from your churches, you clergy, you christs,
I’ll neither live nor die for your dreams.
I’ll make no subscription to your paradise.
I’ll make no subscription to your paradise.
I’ll make no subscription to your paradise.

Crass – Demoncrats



I am not interested in fighting sexism within capitalism as much as I am not interested in fighting capitalism without fighting sexism. I don’t want to be lipstick for a sick system, and if we fight it with all the classical gender patterns untouched, the next system will be as rotten. All forces of repression need to be destroyed simultaneously. I yearn for destruction, not as a negative force, but as a gathering of new creative energies and forces from which art can rize.

The King Shedding is a philosophical and political fairy tale where five female
bodies play with or destroy representations of power relations between men
roles , in a violent search for the sake of loosing identification.

Almudena Ballestros Parejo
Annemiek Bruens
Anni Kaila
Lena Schattenberg



Noha Ramadan


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