et maintenant… nous allons mourir…



This performance has been first created in the context of Diamond factory, Amsterdam and was presented simultaneously with 12 other performances. I choosed to share my work process with Louis Vanhaverbeke andhe choosed to share his work process with me. The whole event was about one hour and a half time and after this, with Louis, we decided to make one common piece out of this two projects, which will last about20 minutes. With this new piece, titled "construction work #3" (following #1 and #2, previous works fromLouis) we managed to make a little tour in the following place:
- Schijnheilig, Amsterdam, june 2011
- DE LADING, Wetteren, september 2011
- Bâtard Festival, october 2011

Here a video from the performance in Wetteren:

They killed my mother
Close by the doorway leading to
my chamber.
In dying,she saved my life.
Then,at dead of night.
I left the house with Bersi,
And in the distance,
The flames leapt up behind us;
Fierce tongues of fire set all the
sky aglow,
Lighting our path.
My home,my well-loved home,
Was burnt to ashes.
I was alone.
I had no shelter.
Hungry and needy,danger
haunted my footsteps.
Then I fell ill,and Bersi,poor
faitful creature,
She would not leave me:
She bartered her beauty to kee me alive.
I bring misfortune even to those.
who love me.
In all this sorrow,
My poor heart woke to love.
In a voice of soft compassion he
murmured: “Heard him who
calls thee.Life itseid enfolds thee!
In my arms,no harm can befall
I am here beside thee.
Thy tears of despair,I will banist
Tho guide thy faltering footsteps,
I shall be near thee!
Let joy fill thy being,
For Love itseld am I!
Though thy path be dark with
I shall bring solace.
Take heart again!
Raise your eyes and behold me;
I come to thee from out the vault
of heavem above,
Making earth a paradise.
The god of Love am I!

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