I was born in 1988, in Maceió, Brasil. 
1 week before a wave of scorpions invade my parents little house, because 
I'm a scorpion too. 
When my mother was pregnant of me, a snake climbed in between 
her legs. And she hated carrots.
At 6 months I saved my godfather from killing his mother.

At 5 years old I moved to Switzerland and I saw the snow for the 
first time and cought all the children sicknesses you can catch 
at once.

I started school, I learnt french. Everybody hated me in the school. 

At 9 I went to the Waldorf school and the teacher wanted to leave because of me. 
I was very popular at this period, I had 3 boyfriends. 
3 years later, big drama: I was forced to go back to public school... I didn't 
want to talk to anyone 
and when I could not achieved it, I still was trying the most possible.

During this whole period, I was also doing body expression 
and the teacher told me that dancer 
was a work too. So it was what I was going to be.

I applied for the special class for artists and sportists in high school and 
started the pre-training in contemporary 
dance with le Marchepied, Lausanne.

Then, Dimitri.
Clown? Acrobat? No. They don't want me, they throw me back to dance. Go to Japan, 
try to escape.
Then, shitty jobs, bleeding on industrials books. My mother also don't believe 
in me anymore. I fail 12 auditions. If I don't find my place in two years, 
I'm done with this. I cry and start to work as a social worker. I'm happy.

I get in SEAD. My dream comes true.  Salzburg, hard city to live in. 
I had too much freedom these years, 
I get angry with all  this technical stuff. I want to improvise again.
A friend brings me to Amsterdam, an audition for a school, it's for choreography,  
I don't want to be a choreographer, I want to dance, he says it's  
perfect for me, he says it's my school, 
he says for sure they will take you, he knows my future,  
he knows all the teachers and all the students.  
I am perfect for this school he said. I believe him. 

I tell them I want to destroy everything. They say ok.

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