All the candies have pork

The piece “All the candies have pork” is a work that brings to our reflection the themes of fiction and reality, seduction and manipulation, performativity and entertainment industry. “All the candies have pork” is an innovative piece that confronts the audience on a personal level as well as in an artistic level. Its clever and straightforward dramaturgy pushes the audience to have a clear position towards the piece. Either you dive deeply into it, or, for the suspicious, you start feeling manipulated.  It will let no one indifferent.

As any spectacle this piece sells emotion and also provides technical skills. Ballet, funk, acrobatics, manipulation of objects, the piece challenges the two performative bodies and inform about the complexity of their identities.

The fact that they never meet or interact in their dances reinforces the strength of the video: who are they and what is their relationship about? The piece rise continuously the question of what is real and what is fiction, what is set and what is a product of the present moment.  There is a borderline between privacy and public, between empty form and deep emotions.

The theater gets destroyed to be re-invented. It is not only about the visible frame, but also what happens behind it, not only about the present actions but also about the past and the future. The perception of the audience gets expanded.




One comment

  1. henk

    Saw this work in november last year and was really impressed and moved by these two young artists,Hope to see much more work of them in the near future,They really moved me,GREAT!

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