Workshop and perfo coming up!


Hello hello!!
Coming up, workshop and performance, if you are interested join me for some fun adventures of confused superheroes dealing with internal desires in the streets of Amsterdam! It’s for free, workshop is on 22nd and 23rd March and will lead into some street intervention on 24th, created together with the participants (you). Times are set from 14h to 18h for workshop and are yet to be defined for the performance. Send me a private message if you are interested or share it with your enemies if you think it’s shit! See you soon!

Laboratory + performance:
‘The title is a lucid dream’, a research performance by Clara Saito

In this 3 day laboratory we will research physically with the emotion of anger. The proposition is to develop a semi-ritualistic movement practice as a way to transform what we consider often as a negative energy into a tool for creating changes through playful and embodied strategies.

The workshop will results in the live work ‘The title is a lucid dream’ referring to Saito’s previous work ‘The title is a drawing’.
In this work Saito impersonates a hero, Spider Man, that wanders in galleries and public space researching the possibility of live and practice anarchism in the actual society system.

Clara Saito works with different medias such as drawing, painting, installations and movement.

Participants of the process ‘ This is a lucid dream’ will perform during the displacement of artists and public between the two spaces of the festival, from Arte Et amicitatie to Dansmakers on the evening of 25 of March.

More information and application for workshop and laboratory :

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