Premiere of the anarchic Spiderman festival ends up with arrest for public disturbance because of nudity


Yesterday Friday 10th July, at the opening of the festival, I was arrested for performing naked in the street. Once more the police proved that they won’t tolerate any kind of actions or thoughts that would challenge “the normal state of things”. It is now 5 years that I live in Amsterdam and I can only see an increasing repression which wishes to transform this city in a display for tourists and yuppies. Important autonomous places have been and are systematically closing down, pushing the alternative and artistic scene to move away or entering common routines. Since two years I am working on what would it mean to be an anarchical body and mind and I wish to practice it in different spaces, states and times, and through different means. What happened in the street yesterday was the continuation of what was already happening in the gallery for 45min, and in different theaters and countries for the last years. It shows that our personal and artistic freedom is limited to the spaces that have been attributed to us by the powers in place. Yesterday I got arrested for exercising freedom and it’s time to claim back our streets. The performance of today is postponed until the beginning of next week, more info will follow. Thanks for everybody who showed their support!

Screenshot from 2015-07-13 19:37:49     Screenshot from 2015-07-13 19:36:06

Here you can find an article about the arrest in

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