Next week in Frascati: The Cowards




By Clara Saito

.: [alias break cd chdir command continue echo eval exec exit export false getopts hash help let local printif pwd read readonly return set shift test times trap true type ulimit umask unalias unset wait [ [[ash awk basename blockdep cat chmod chroot ohvt clear cmp op cut deallocut df dnsdomainname du dumpkmap echo egrep env expr false fbset fdflush fgrep find grep gunzip gzip hostname ifconfig ip kill ln loadfont lookmap ls mkdir mkfifo mknod mkswap mkemp modinfo more mount mv openvt pidof printif ps pwd readlink reset rm rmdir sed seq set keycodes sh sleep sort stat static_sh sty switch_root sync tail tee test touch tr true tty umount uname uniq wc wget which yes zcat

This is what appeared on my computer the day I had to write the text for the program. Sorry if there is any spelling mistake.
I think some words and also the form it takes describe my performance quite well.

Working confusion.

Clara Saito (CH/BR)) is currently graduating from the School for New Dance Development (SNDO) in Amsterdam. She decided to turnherself into dance making in a search to break her conceptions of dance, body and mind. Apart from working with other choreographers, she likes to explore and try to understand in her own works the mechanism of group behaviours towards violence, revolution and entertainment.


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