Hereby I am sending you an invitation for the exhibition CINEMA, taking place

in Voorkamer, Lier, Belgium. For this event I made a new work: Bedevilled. This film,

and single screened installation, is inspired by the film ‘ Alraune ‘ by Henrik Galeen

(1928). In this film a geneticist falls in love with his creation leading to his own


In my version, the story is confined to a  living room, where creator and creation

become entangled in a game of attraction and repulsion, as if dancing a slow motion

tango. A stunning performance by Clara Saito and herman Boets. The film is produced

by Voorkamer vzw.

The opening is due on may 11, starting at 20.00.  My film will be screened on a big

screen on may 12, after 20.30 (twilight). That same weekend Lier celebrates 800 years

city rights with a silent weekend and naturally beer!

See you,

Karel Doing


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